3 going on 13…

So we have reached the next stage of my eldest’s development. Or what is known as the three-nager. One thing I have noticed in the past three years of becoming a parent and essentially being charged with keeping two small humans alive, is that each stage has another challenge.. and just as you navigate through one and you get the hang of it – then BAM they hit another fun part of their development – anyway I digress...

Currently we are going through the most amazing mood swings ever (and with a moody mummy in the house – it’s a wonder Daddy hasn’t taken up residence in the garage)… we dive from proclamations of love, bear hugs and dummy kisses… to screaming fits over Mummy not providing the right – pair of knickers / shoes / sandwich filling / blanky (she has 3 and can tell the difference) – omit and complete with pretty much anything.

Of course,  there are bloody tonnes of books ( I swear I have them all) on how to navigate this delightful phase – offering lots of lovely advice, often written by people who don’t have bloody children I may add, things like – the naughty step, ignore them, talk to them like a grown up, hug it out – I mean seriously when you are having a hissy fit the last thing you want to do is bloody hug it out right?

I do honestly try it all – and I guess it not only depends on the mood she is in and also the mood I am in. Us girls have Friday’s together at home, so I naturally look forward to spending some quality time with both girls. Though currently with all the stress of Christmas, their birthdays, work stuff, life in general Friday’s have been a little grumpy of late due to everyone being completely knackered. So this is when we get the best and most epic tantrums unless I nip them in the bud early… its definitely harder if you are completely knackered grumpy mummy – and your sense of humor did one over night after having to tend to your one year old – who is going through her own phase of development – separation, teething, and frustrated.com because she thinks she is three also!

Like the time her buddies from our NCT group came round. She was more than happy to share her toys with her pink-princess-dropping-f-bombspals (something we have worked on as that is also a ‘hot button’) however she was not happy when one of her buddies opened the front door to welcome some of our guests. That was the tipping point…. not only was she outraged some else had opened ‘her’ door, she then decided that (even though she was wearing her Cinderella dress) that she wanted to wear her Elsa costume.. cue dramatic switch over of fancy dress outfits with one of her buddies… Cue wailing, screaming and crying on the ‘naughty step’ for possibly 20 mins. I think after we managed to switch dresses, talking her down and then eventually leaving her to sniffle in the corner, she finally calmed down. Only to blow up again when they all left because she didn’t say goodbye(!) ….To which Mummy bangs head against brick wall and stares wistfully at the wine in the fridge

I am convinced we will see a re-enactment when she hits thirteen – because everything we are seeing now I would liken to a adolescent…  which scares the hell out of me – especially as I am struggling to deal with her at three.

I kid you not, you could deal with the terrorist issue right here… send in a bunch of three year olds to negotiate and they would win hands down!

The best one was when we had arranged to go on a train to visit Santa. All morning she declared that she didn’t like trains, or Santa and that she didn’t want a pram anymore (her special present she put on her letter). But when the big man (or some dude in an ill-fitting beard) came to our booth on the train she was swayed by the lovely present she was presented with. And then of course, she loved Santa – he is my best friend. So at least I have a little leverage between now and Christmas… though that didn’t work as she is clever enough to say that she doesn’t want any presents… 

Anyway, all that aside, I am really glad that I have a spirited little girl – as it means she will be a formidable young lady.. but back to the here and now – it is exhausting when you are tired and I swear she picks up on that too.  In fact I think it is pay back for how I was when I was her age and I see the knowing looks and head tilts that go on between my Mum and Dad when she goes full pelt… Yes, I was a little sod too… only now do I realise what I put them both through – and I am so sorry for all of it!!!!

On the other hand, when I am in the right frame of mind (i.e. not tired) she is probably the funniest little human being around. She absolutely cracks me up with some of the things she comes out with…

‘Mummy. Have you got my lunch there? I am hungry!’

‘Mummy, Hurry up with my milk’

‘Mummy, I would like to go and pick up Nanny, then take her to the park and then take her home again’

‘Mummy! Shall I hold you while you sit on toilet?

‘Mummy. Come and play Monsters with me NOW’

And of course my favorite….

‘Mummy. I love you. You tell the best stories ever.’


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I am a intuitive corporate communications professional who has been in the business for over 20 years (gulp). Nearly 3 years ago I embarked on the hardest job of my life, becoming mummy to Lucy, and as it couldn't have been all bad, more recently Amy.

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