Our Review of CBeebies Magazine…

Last month the lovely folks at CBeebies lent us a magazine to review. Very kind of them for sure, as my eldest absolutely can’t get enough of CBeebies, and lucky too, as quite often Mr Tumble and Peter Rabbit babysit the two of them, while I try to work my way through washing, the odd email, secret chocolate snaffling…cb009b25-9533-46d2-8e10-e00d3d95d68c

Anyway I digress… the particular edition that Lucy and I got to review was ‘The BIG Colouring issue’ of CBeebies magazine. It was amazing – it came with an array of colouring pencils stuck to the front – and not the crap ones – good quality ones (well done CBeebies). And unsurprisingly these entertained my eldest for quite some time before we actually got into the magazine…

The first page we got to was about Bing bunny (and as I am a bit late writing this) it was all about colouring in the Christmas present and for Lucy to decide what present to give Bing. Lots of intelligent discussion around that point and we ended up ee7a07b6-0ad1-4b2f-844c-756191a56509with a carroty bagel!

Then came Lucy’s favourite bit – STICKERS! We got to decorate the Furchester Hotel’s Christmas tree with stickers and do a bit of colouring there too… What I liked – as a grown up – is there is tip or a tiny task which gives you another dimension to the hardcopy magazine. On this page our ‘Tiny Tip’ was to draw an even bigger tree and decorate that too… which of course meant the paints, glitter and more stickers came out in full force.

For £3.99 it was amazing value as it probably took Lucy the best part of Christmas to get to the middle of the magazine and with over 10 pages purely for colouring in, she absolutely loved it.

I have to say from a parental stand point it is really well thought out, there is a lot to do and a lot to come back to – given my 3 year old’s attention span is about 15 minutes we got quite a few hits with this edition… and that was before the youngest got her hands on it and started decorating the lounge with it in her own imaginative way (!)

Given that it is probably quite hard to appeal to a range of ages, I think the magazine has got it right, lots of colouring and pictures for the younger kiddi-winks and some great little educational activities for slightly older children.

Obviously the winning1c5004e9-92b2-4e2e-b822-e7758cf6c397 combination of a giveaway, lots of colouring opportunities and all her favourite characters means it was a winner in our house, and it’s definitely one we will be purchasing for those raining days or car journeys when you need something ‘new’ to entertain your little ones.

I would highly recommend the CBeebies Mag – and so much so we already got the January edition… check it out… it’s perfect for these cold winter mornings when it’s too early to go outside, and its educational too !

Awarded lots of pink sparkly stars from us 🙂


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I am a intuitive corporate communications professional who has been in the business for over 20 years (gulp). Nearly 3 years ago I embarked on the hardest job of my life, becoming mummy to Lucy, and as it couldn't have been all bad, more recently Amy.

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