Crummy mummy… 

So I confess I am a lazy ass mother and it’s biting me on the bum. With number 1 I did everything by the book – everything was baby led to start with (a la NCT directive) then gradual routine, bedtime / naps and feeding then set at certain times and pretty much everything was analysed within an inch of its life. Result a child who sleeps and eats pretty well and does most things we ask. 

Number 2. Not a chance. Yes I started well, combination feeding, every 3/4 hours. Putting her down for naps and introducing a bedtime routine at 2 months old…. she was even ‘sleeping thro’ (10 to 6) for a little while there.  

So all on track? Nope, not at all. 

Number 2 has worked out how to command attention to any caregiver – in the only way she knows how. By yelling… like a fishwife. In the middle of the damn night. In the middle of a restaurant. At softplay while I attend to number 1’s toilet needs… seriously it sounds like I am frequently murdering her. 

So to stop the noise here comes the lazy bit – I often shove a something in her mouth… food, milk, dummy, teething powders, calpol… it’s really hit and miss with this one. 

I have to admit I have no clue how to respond to my daughter and I am just ‘fudging it’ big time. 

So why this blog, because dear readers I have no fricking clue how to make it stop… 

  • it’s a phase… 
  • it’s teeth…
  • She’s got a cold…
  • She’s wanting to move…
  • She can’t settle herself with out milk

Bollox to all of that. 

The reasons (or excuses for my behaviour) seem to change every day. 

I know have to go hard routine and have her settle herself, but I can’t face the noise and the likely fireworks when it doesn’t work. The fact the eldest will wake up and then that’s two kids to get back to bed all the while knowing you have to do a days work. 

So I think while I mull this over and maybe get the parenting books and apps out I might be ‘crummy’ for just a little while longer… and hope it is just a phase, teeth or the fact she has a cold…


About indigosoulpr

I am a corporate communications professional who has been in the business for over 17 years (gulp). Nearly 3 years ago I embarked on the hardest job of my life, becoming mummy to Lucy, and as it couldn't have been all bad, more recently Amy.

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