Best weekend ever!

So this past weekend, not only did the sun actually come out at a decent temperature all weekend, but we had a really nice fun filled, tiring weekend.  Just like the ones you see on the adverts! Yes! THEY DO EXIST!

First, was Friday – my day with the girls, the day that normally is quite testing if I have had a busy week at work, and have to juggle playing with them, washing clothes and checking my email. NOT this Friday. This Friday, I lovingly packed an ice bag with sandwiches, blueberries, cut up apple, crisps and lashings of water (yes how very Blyton), whizzed round to pick Grandad up enroute to meet Auntie Ali and her two boys at Chessington World of Adventures – guess who got Merlin Passes for Chrimbo!

  • The day was spent squinting at the map – where did all these rides appear from – I don’t remember any of this – determining which rides where suitable.
  • Covering toddlers ears everytime we passed the Vampire ride – No we wont be making you go on that – thought Mummy reeeeallly wants to!
  • Queuing for the super hyped Gruffalo ride  – seriously its just the bubble works – with the Gruffalo hiding in dark corners instead –  still it was fun, wet and Lucy hid in my lap the whole way round LOL!
  • Finding somewhere the babies could shuffle / crawl around in the shade and somewhere the toddlers could run about safely – in front of the Hocus Pocus house and the Sea Life aquarium was perfect – and we got to go round a look at Sting-ray – a new fave in our house thanks Moana.
  • And of course visting the Lions – who just happened to be feasting on ‘meat’ when we wandered past on our way out. ‘Mummy – what is that the lion is eating…seriously I had to stop Grandad from saying its a naughty boy or girl and just go with ‘meat’…LOL!

Saturday was spent with a theme park hangover, as the three of us barely got any rest with the sensory overload (mummy included) HOW heavy is a buggy and a buggy board!?!

But due to the near tropical weather — the garden was the place to be – so mowing lawns, digging, picking up bugs, eating sand, applying suncream badly and generally having a nice time was the order of the day – whilst mummy slipped off for Gin and time out with her bestie (two months overdue) for the afternoon yay!

Sunday, we packed yet another packed lunch and headed off searching for Bluebell fields, and YES we also went in for a National Trust pass this year too.  See the theme here – lets get out the house and have adventures!

  • We ended up visiting Hatchlands Park, with its sweeping green fields, its bluebell 17861805_10154174825281353_52530431929825410_nwood and quaint tea shop with its home made sandwiches (they where that good THEY both ate up their lunch!)
  • We returned for prosperity reasons, as Hubbie and I decided we would set our wedding  date in the middle of the exact same bluebell field 2 years previously – yes we do romance sometimes… !
  • Here we followed the same timetable of food, look at the donkeys, walk past the cows and wandering round the willow play area as last time.

Even thought we had some protestations and mini tantrums at points over the weekend, overall it was totally amazing and like a mini holiday for us all. I didn’t even look at my phone once and all of us (including mummy and daddy) where smiley and happy and suitably tired out after our big ploughmans tea Sunday night… it was just Blyton, Alice in Wonderland bliss.

Here’s to many more this summer 🙂





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I am a corporate communications professional who has been in the business for over 17 years (gulp). Nearly 3 years ago I embarked on the hardest job of my life, becoming mummy to Lucy, and as it couldn't have been all bad, more recently Amy.

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