Ode to My girls… sugar, spice and all things nice (except when its covered in pooh)

We have just got back from an exhausting but brilliant holiday in Majorca. To limit our blood pressure levels, we booked the same resort we went to in October, same flight, taxi arrangements.. the lot. By doing that we took a lot of the uncertainty taken out of the trip – because us parents know, toddlers like to surprise you and even knowing where we where going there are still all the other questions you need to consider…

You know.. stuff like.. How long is the flight? Will the taxi have car seats? Who gets the dead leg from the baby? Will they need a pull up or snacks or milk? How many Kilos can you actually carry plus children, buggies and all the other sh*t you need to take with you…

Anyway, this isn’t about the trip or even the holiday, I just wanted to capture some of the moments that I experienced during that week with my two amazing, spirited, beautiful girls – who are just growing up so fast.

To my eldest, our first born… you just amaze me every day.

  • I love the fact every time an aeroplane flew over, even mid sentence you pointed to the sky and shouted ‘aeroplane’ (Like squirrel in UP)
  • That every morning I would get woken up as you scrambled into bed to put your cold little toes on my tummy
  • That you stood gasping in awe at the entertainments crew every night in the middle of the crowd, taking in everything and not moving a muscle – it just brings a lump to my throat seeing your fragility
  • But by the end of the holiday, you where being as boisterious as the others, throwing shapes on the dance floor and even dancing with your little sister
  • After much coaxing you now know that you learnt that Dummy is only for bed.
  • That you are so sweet, kind and polite to everyone you meet – even when you get elbowed out the way
  • You have Mummy’s curly hair, Daddy’s analytical mind and Grandads rose bud lips – you are beauty inside and out
  • That you sing at the top of your voice a variety of Disney tunes
  • I love your smell – you smell of yoghurt and little girl
  • You are so affectionate when you want to be and give the best snuggles

To my youngest, my cracker jack monkey… you keep us all on our toes

  • You have the best wave – it rivals the Queen – and it brings many a smile to even the grumpiest face
  • You have absolutely no fear – whilst slowly giving me a heart attack every time you attempted to bum shuffle upstairs or towards open water
  • Your cheeky grin and blonde hair is just heart stopping
  • You are a chatterbox…and you let us know when you are trying new things
  • There is nothing funnier than seeing you polish the beach with your bum and leaving track marks wherever you go
  • Whilst you drive me crazy casually dropping your food on the floor when you have had enough, it has a certain comedy aspect if you aren’t the one clearing it up!
  • You are so playful and have a daft sense of humour
  • She got the moves!
  • You still have baby smell and I can’t get enough
  • I can’t wait you to stop feeling frustrated about not moving… I think you are going to give us all a run for our money.

I am so proud of our two girls. Whilst I am enjoying watching them grow into little superstars,  I wish I could bottle some moments, smells and feelings (not the poohs or vomit episodes) – as really this time is fleeting and it is so precious.

Love Mummy x



About indigosoulpr

I am a intuitive corporate communications professional who has been in the business for over 20 years (gulp). Nearly 3 years ago I embarked on the hardest job of my life, becoming mummy to Lucy, and as it couldn't have been all bad, more recently Amy.

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